Technical Assistance (financed by the Poverty Reduction Cooperation Fund) to the Kingdom of Cambodia for the Participatory Poverty Assessment of the Tonle Sap

Participatory Forest Management: India

Papers presented at the Regional Workshop on Participatory Forest Management: Implications for Policy and Human Resources' Development in the Hindu Kush Himalayas, held during 7-12 May, 1998, at Kunmi

Participatory Development of Weed Management Technologies in Benin

Keywords: permanent land use, weeds, indigenous knowledge, integrated crop and soil management, participatory learning, co-research.

Participatory Research in Asia

Making choices: participatory planning for community-based trypanosomosis control

Good and Bad Practice in Participatory Research

Seminar paper from the year 2008 in the subject Politics - International Politics - Topic: Development Politics, grade: distinction, University of Manchester (Institute for Development Policy and Mana

Report of the Workshop on Participatory Approaches in Aquaculture

Bangkok, Thailand, 28 February-1 March 2000

The use of participatory approaches was analysed in eight aquaculture case studies from different countries in Asia and one from Africa. The main conclusion was that there are no "absolutes" in manife

Participatory Rapid Rural Appraisal in Wollo

Peasant Association Planning for Natural Resource Management

PLA Notes 46: Participatory Processes for Policy Change

Opening Up Knowledge Production Through Participatory Research?

Agricultural Research for Vietnam's Northern Uplands

Originally presented as the author's thesis (doctoral)--University of Hohenheim, 2008.

Participatory Appraisal of Natural Resources

Monitoring and Evaluation of Participatory Forestry Projects